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Penn State’s AI Hub officially has an online home. The cross-functional AI Hub has launched its website at Director David Hunter said a collaborative effort that utilized insights from key university stakeholders helped to define the site’s mission to “promote, inform and organize” around Penn State’s AI-related initiatives, research, centers, and activities.

“The site is designed with the goal of giving both internal and external audiences opportunities to engage,” Hunter said. “We want to invite collaboration and establish Penn State as a destination for new students and researchers, and a prospective partner for industry, donors, and funding agencies.”

Penn State stakeholders are invited to share articles for publication on the site and in its upcoming monthly email newsletter. Submit your content using the form at this link.

“So much is going on at the university related to AI—groundbreaking research at our four centers, talks on campus by world-renowned experts, achievements by students like the Nittany AI Alliance. If we can create a clear and simple path to find information and take action, we can continue to grow Penn State’s leadership role in AI,” Hunter continued.

Specifically, the site will:

Promote Penn State as a leader in AI research, emphasizing past accomplishments and practical application through interdisciplinary expertise, tied to Penn State’s Land Grant legacy to attract new students, researchers, partners, and funding.

Inform external and internal audiences about AI, the latest developments at Penn State, and how to get involved.

Organize information and resources about AI-related research projects, news, clubs, etc. across the university, serving as a one-stop resource for AI at Penn State.

“In support of a community that is greater than the sum of its parts, the AI Hub will actively seek to leverage the diversity of people, locations, and ideas across our many campuses and offices,” Hunter said, noting that the site will reflect the AI Hub’s commitment to being assertively inclusive. “As a living entity, we hope this first iteration of the AI Hub website will motivate additional collaboration for its continual evolution.”

Hosted by the Institute for Computational Data Science (ICDS), the AI hub is designed with the vision of creating a collaborative and creative ecosystem across the university enterprise, to embrace and elevate Penn State’s AI research.

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