Future Home of Penn State’s AI Hub on the Web

Promote, Inform, Organize

Penn State’s AI Hub is a forum for connecting the many AI activities across our University via communication. Distinct from many entities funded by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research, it promotes existing efforts rather than directing new ones.

Assertively Inclusive

Penn State’s breadth is among its greatest assets, and it presents a challenge.  In support of a community that is greater than the sum of its parts, the AI Hub will actively seek to leverage the diversity of people, locations, and ideas across our many campuses and offices.

Pennsylvania's Land Grant Institution

The first college catalog of Farmers’ High School, precursor to Penn State University, promoted “a system … to emphasize scientific instruction, and to develop to the fullest extent possible those departments of all science which have a practical or theoretical bearing upon agriculture and agricultural interest.”  More than 160 years later, Penn State is not only a land grant, but also a sea grant, lead space grant, and host sun grant institution—one of only three universities in the United States with all these designations. Penn State’s AI Hub emphasizes our university’s role in advancing the science of Artificial Intelligence and its practical or theoretical bearing upon our world and beyond.

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