Seed Funding

The CSRAI seed funding proposal submission deadline for spring 2022 was Dec. 1, 2021. Details on the next round of seed funding opportunities will be available soon.

Penn State’s Center for Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence manages an annual seed funding program, which aims to generate proof-of-concept studies and preliminary results that will lead to bigger externally funded projects.

Proposals should show potential for transformational research on AI that will lead to bigger externally funded projects in areas including social good, social accountability, social consciousness, social justice, equity, ethicality, fairness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, human agency, or related concepts.

Funding Mechansims

Funding will be provided through three types of grants:

  1. Collaboration Initiation Funding ($500-$5,000), which aims to assist Penn State faculty to form interdisciplinary research teams and seed projects directed at pursuing external funding.
  2. Pilot Project Funding ($5,000-$25,000), which aims to support research projects with specific research questions, a well-conceived theoretical basis, an identified team of Penn State faculty collaborators, and strong potential to obtain external funding.
  3. Pilot Project Funding - Diversity Track ($5,000-$25,000), which aims to support projects that meet the criteria required for Pilot Projects and also have a strong diversity, equity, and inclusion focus that can be demonstrated at any and all levels of the project.

Find Collaborators

Interested researchers who are looking for potential collaborators are invited to submit their interest on the CSRAI website. They can also consult the center’s directory of affiliates and consider becoming an affiliate themselves.